Sunday, May 2, 2010

Living in an other country

Living in your country for a long time makes you a human who can't live comfortably in another country. Some migrants can't live and achieve their dream, some of them take this new country as their proper one and start to work on themselves to achieve their dream. In Australia it is easy to realise your plans. For a start you can work and have your own business even if you don't speak English very well. You can have your rights like any other one.
Humans like to be stars and it is not hard to be that in a different country.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harmony Day

Harmony day is celebrated on 21 of March each year. It celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of our nation and promotes the benefits of culture diversity.
On Wednesday we started with Marion to sing a couple of Australian songs in class like: the Australian Anthem, I am Australian and I still call Australia home. At 10:00 we went to building A to celebrate Harmony Day with all the other students. The classroom was full with students from different countries and different cultures. We were all sitting to celebrate together.
The teachers prepared a lot of things to do. Firstly a couple of student spoke about their experiences, and about their teachers who help them a lot. Then a Chinese man wanted to speak about his experience. He is a student in level 1 so his English wasn't that good and suddenly he started to speak in Chinese and we didn't understand anything except the Chinese people did of course. Then some of the students sang in their own language for example Russian and Chinese. Then all of us together sang 3 Australian songs.
Finally we had some food to eat that we had prepared at home. Our class came back to our room and share some food that we prepared. It was a good day to be celebrating together.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my Necklace

Before coming to Australia, and because it was my wedding my mum bought me very lovely and special gold jewellery. It was my name and my husband's name in Arabic. Firstly, she bought my name separately then my husband's name. The second day she went to the jewellers to put them together. It started with my name and finished with his name. After that she put it in a necklace and gave it to me.I love it, I've never taken it off my neck because firstly it is from my lovely mum who I love with all my heart, secondly because it is holding my name and the name of my love, the name of the man who I love with all my heart for all my life. I love this necklace.
You can listen to my story and those of my classmates here.


In my opinion Carton is a good area to live in and many people would agree with me for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, a lot of people like to live there because it is a quiet area. In Carlton you can be relaxed, you don't hear any noise, the only noise you can hear is the bird's voice. If you want to go for a walk, you can find good parks to enjoy it.

Secondly, people like this area because it is close to everything. It is close to Kogarah which is an important suburb because you can find there the hospital, banks, schools, Tafe and everything you need to have for an easy life.

Finally, Carlton is a good area for transport because it is very close to the airport, it is on the city line to go by train, you don't need to change trains to go to the city.

For all these reasons, I will stay in this area.
The Sculpture

On Tuesday we went to Bondi to see the sculptures there. Everyone had information about one sculpture and we had to achieve a report about it. My one was number 25. When I looked and read the paper for the first time, I didn't understand anything and I was laughing because it looked funny on the paper, I could only see some semi-circles.

I arrived to my designated sculpture, I looked at it surprised. It was built with metal. The most commonly used metal is stainless steel. It was long, the size was 280cm by 92cm by 80cm. It was all silver. It was built in this way: Flat sheets of metal were cut into pieces which were formed and then welded together. Also, the sculptor often builds pieces for public places which must necessarily be very strong, this piece had to also withstand a very long boat ride.

It is a nice sculpture it makes you feel happy, her colour becomes brilliant with the sun and makes it more impressive.


On Tuesday 10 of November we went with Marion's class on an excursion to Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi.

This day I woke up at 8:00 o'clock. My husband took me to Kogarah Station. It was early and I didn't have coffee at home so I went to Gloria Jeans cafe to have a cup of Cuppucino. While I was drinking my coffe, I was reading the information about the sculptures.

It was 9:00 I walked straight to the station and waited for my friends. We walked to the platform but we missed the train, some students had got on it and waited for us at Bondi Station. We took the next train. Then from Bondi train station we took the bus to Bondi Beach.

We had to walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach. On the way we were looking and taking photo of the sculptures. Then we had lunch before continuing our way. I arrived with two of my friends before every one, so we sat down under the trees waiting. The weather was nice but when I came home I saw that I was burnt, my face and my hands were red.

It was a different and really nice place to visit.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The day began terribly. My alarm didn't go off and I left the house with only 1 hour to spare before my English class started.

I walked straight to Carlton train station, but because I wasn't lucky I missed the train, and Carlton station is a quiet station so every half an hour a train stops. I went to have coffee across the road, I forgot the time and I was talking on the phone with a really talkative friend, I looked at the time it was about 3 min to the next train.I was running to be on time, but I took the wrong train because I was in hurry and it was two trains stopping.

I was very angry and I came back home and didn't go anywhere. It was really a terrible day.